Wednesday, October 2, 2013

here it is

here is my surprise do you like it. It is a paint stand. I made it my self.
There is a FESTTABLE at my school it is near spring wood road

it is called SPRING WOOD CENTRAL STATE SCHOOL please come it will be so much fun I will be there  to its got food rides stalls and other fun things. there will be more thing to see on my blog. if u go to minden retreat u probably now me and I am putting up a challenge it is a spring caleng like the seson spring.gess what I am going to try a coconut I wiil show u soon. coment if u like any of my ideas. tell me if u wont me to do some thing and I will do it and put it on my  blog and menschen your name. don't forget to keep cheeking up on my blog and see if any thing has happened and don't for get to cheek out SPRINGWOOD CENTRAL STATE SCHOOLS FESTABLE thank u by every one.                            LOVE Tayla


Lesa said...

Paint self looks great Tayla.

Over the holidays I;d love to see another project video, maybe a flower one, or a birthday card, will leave that up to you,
did you do a sample of your srping Challenge for the November Retreat, and did everyone do a good job of their cards